Story 0007 ‘Entropy(S)’

Entropy(S) “There are things we know we know. These are called ‘known’ knowns. There are things we know we don’t know. ‘Known’ unknowns. And then there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. That is the girl they called Wendy.” Anonymous Bullet rains pelt concrete frayed, by prozzy heels and pure folks swayed. […]

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Story 0004 ‘Writer’s Block’

08:00… I must preface this by saying, I never intended for any of this to happen. I am left with no doubt whatsoever as to whether there was any scope to extract the positive out of this as   I   fiddle   feverishly   with a paper cup and try to maintain an air of nonchalant ambivalence about […]

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Story 0003 ‘Over Ruled’

Precursor 1st February 2010 5pm “click, click, click”… Maureen knew what that sound meant, but she wished it wasn’t the man in the black cloak as she turned and saw it was him, IT WAS HIM! The figure in the black cloak was nothing if not accurate, and he always struck in the same way, […]

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Story 0002 ‘Smokémon PRO’

Chapter 1 It’s 11 am, and I am landing in Frisco airport like a fucking hawk. I do not remember the preceding 12 hour flight, which I spent in a semi delirious state and utter confusion. I remember being woken once by small child hitting me with his mother’s in flight magazine, and only sleep […]

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Story 0001 ‘The Room’

It wasn’t an unusual day, apart from the declaration on BBC Radio “Artificial Intelligence has not taken over the BBC, this is a real person speaking, it’s me Terry Wogan…(muffled sound)…I mean Joe Cox”. Rod Hullet would ordinarily have smelled something funny, but not on this day, he had bigger fish to fry. Quite literally. […]

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